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Make Your Own DIY Serving Tray – Christmas DIY

In the whole year we host many of guest with dinner launch and weekly dinner on house but I have 2 to 3 cups on my table so recently me will realize that when some guest come on my home some serve coffee or tea without tray so I realized that that was not got manner for hosting a guest so I started it and finally created DIY try for serving with guest this was very easy and in only few materials I will make it only in one afternoon work.


Materials I used for Make Your Own DIY Serving Tray Project:

  • Circular Saw.

  • 2x Cabinet Pull.

  • Tung Oil Finish.

  • Whitewood Board – you can cut it with your own wish.

  • Drill.

  • Drill bits.

  • Wood Stain.

  • Router.

  • Wood Burner.


Now its time to start making the completely DIY serving tray from scratch. First of all, you will have a board to cut it to your own desired size how many long sizes you want it’s your own wish.in my case, I will cut the board without any measurements just cut the board for approximate width. Now making edge fancy you use the router. It will help you a lot for giving a very dashing and amazing shape(look).


Now customize your wood in my case I use for customizing my wood with the help of a circuit machine to make an amazing stencil.you can use anything to create a stencil for your wood you can do any design with you love it your desire to make any design cut vinyl ar pre-made stencil.

In my case, I would trace a world “cheers” now I used a wood burner to burn the wood.


In the final step, you can drill the hole for both sides of the tray for handles of the tray after hole of both of side you can add simple drawer pull to make use this handles.

Last you can shake a bottle of bubbly then serve it with your guest newly create DIY Serving Tray. For your better guidance, I will post the whole project video hope you like it and support our youtube channel. Thankx


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