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Wooden Nativity Scene Blocks – Christmas DIY

Today I gonna show you how you can make an amazing farmhouse primitive nativity scene, Without any cutter.This is very easy and full of DIY.


In the first step, you can print the PDF of Lori white look.


In the second step, you can cut the PDF of every so that black line does not show the PDF of the block.


Now you can cut the block of wood with your own choice but in my case, I can cut 2×4 size block.



Now you can spray the paint on all block to the white color so that every block show the same color.


Now mod podge all the print into the block and wait for the dry or block completely.When you do it so than some line appears on the mod podge.So you don’t worry about this line we will fix it in our next step.


When Mod Podge is dry completely than you can sand the block edge where the print paper meet to block.This step gave out an amazing shape to the block and it doesn’t look then you glue it to the block.


It’s time to antique the block.In my case, I use the dark walnut sand to antique it but you can use black or brown stain to complete the work.











Then you can stack that any way you want to show that in your home.








This was an amazing tutorial you would like it for you better guidance I will post the whole process video on our youtube channel you should like it and support us or if you have any confusion so comment below for your confusion.Thanks

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