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Pretty Christmas Paper Makes the Most Adorable Tree – Christmas DIY

Today I gonna show you how you can make an amazing Christmas tree with the help of paper this is most adorable tree every one of your guest like this in your home during holidays.

To make this project, first of all, you will get thick branches of the tree which foot long in my case I use 6 branches of the tree.

To create the paper tree base you can drill the hole in the center of the tree stump.Then you can glue brach of the tree into the wood to twig it.

Now you can Christmas tree shape 50 square of paper and then cut it into the piece in the shape of squares.the largest shape me use is 4.5 to 5″ you can also use it with your own wish.Then cut the paper are smaller and smaller until the last piece is only inch ar a half.

Then fold both squares of paper to measure the exact position of the center of paper that than make a hole in the center of the paper.

Before you can twig the paper.You can add some texture to each piece of the paper.

Then feed the paper onto the branch of the tree in following condition large to a small piece of paper for better shape.

In final step top side of the tree, you can bow the red ribbon to show it’s done.

For your better guidance, i will post the whole tutorial video below you like it and it will help you a lot for your DIY project thanks.

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