How To Make DIY Upcycle Storage Containers

In my home, I have 3 drawer storage containers. Sometimes we think that how I can see inside the drawer but in other words, we do not do it. So this time we came again with an amazing and easy way to upgrade your old drawer for holidays. So this way you can hide what inside in the drawers.

For that whole process, you will need the following material list which is given below.

You’ll need the following Material:

  • Drawers which you want to upcycle

  • Paper of your choice

  • Regular paper/butcher

  • pencil

  • scissors

  • Ruler

  • Electrical Tape

  • Razor blade

I draw a pattern with the help of butcher paper and pencil.

Now I measure the drawer to the top to buttom.the portion bottom half of drawer take more paper than the top side of the can also cut your paper with your own wish or your drawer size.

we cut my pattern in this shape you can cut your pattern with your own drawer size.

Then I cut my paper onto the traced pattern to the back.

Now I pulled the back of the drawer to both front and back 1/2 to cover the drawer.

You can use your own wish electric tape but in my case, I will use white electrical tape to cover the whole lines of the two section. Then I will trim some extra contact paper with the help of a blade.

That’s all you finished it I hope you like that for you better guidance I will post the whole project video you may also like this video and subscribe our  Youtube channel for more update thanks.

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