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Replacing a Ceiling Light Fixture

In a few days ago I when I visit my home mom house here I upgraded some new light by installing them in the foyer this is my gift for my mom on valentine day.That’s was not difficult as more you think it’s very easy you can do it and that’s the whole process was a best great way to room update.I am sure first you watch the complete video tutorial of a project.Which also include glitches you like it for the encounter.You can complete this whole project in only one hour and it cost for only $85.Before starting our project first of all you turn off the electric power.

The material I used for making this project:

  • Tools of assorted which is available in your or even house easily.

  • Light fixture ceiling Feiss from home depot.

The first step of electrical project you power off the area in which you do your project.It’s very important to also turn off your power for control circuit breaker in which you doing your work.You also check it for many time to make sure that power is off.

The second step when all power is off when you remove your existing fixture of light which you want to change.This process depends on your fixture which type of fixture you want to change.In my fixture that was a very easy matter for removing only three caps of a screw.When your fixture is removed or away for ceiling then you can remove the caps of electrical and then separate it from natural wire which is white, a hot wire which is black and in finally copper wire which is grounding wire of the wires which is in the ceiling.

In the third step, you attach the wire of your new fixture to the wires of a ceiling.Copper wires attach to copper, black wire attach to the black wire and finally, white wires are attached to white wires.Now you wrap the wire of copper to around the screw of grounding to the plate of a ceiling.Then cover the whole end of a connection to the caps of electric.

In fourth step plate of a ceiling, you attach with a fixture of light by the screw.In my case, my caps of the screw was including fixture to keep and help to light by the switch in their place.

If you have the shade of fixture than you attach it.In my case, I have shade so that I attach it to my fixture.

In final step now you turn on your power to the breaker of a circuit and then check your light.

I hope it will help you a lot and you also watch this for the whole process of a project.

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