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Seed Paper – Making a Valentine’s Day Gift

Now valentine’s day is near and I am me in my old man winter’s clutches. So we missing a day to wish and fill our garden to planting in warm weather. Recently my trip to a garden to the center is wished me to sale seeds. That’s the whole project was very easy you can complete the whole project in only two hours and it cost only five dollars.

Materials used for this project:

  • Seeds

  • Paper

  • Window Screen

I would not force you to buy the different type of some seeds so I also tell you before I start my project we make our whole project using these paper of seeds.

When I am in my store so here an old screen of a sliding window so I picked it to use our project.
Before starting our project you remove the pieces of a corner which is in the circle like a blue color this is pop off. After removing the pieces of a corner now you have two screen which is you use for work.

The first step Get any type of all your recycled paper and junk mail paper. Now in your window, you remove cellophane and throw it to trash Because we do not use this cellophane in our project. Than tear all of your paper into very small pieces.

The second step put all of your paper into the bowl and full the whole bowl with water.
Place the paper to whole night into a bowl of water to soak the paper.

The third step put the soaked paper into a blender and then add water to the blender. You use any of blender but I use my this old blender which is I use especially for my crafting project.
You blend this soaked paper until the paper looks like oatmeal consistency if you need some water than you also put the water on it.

Me also using tissue of bath experiment it.
The role of cardboard removes A-I to center. You place it into the bowl of water to poured the water on it. After that immediately paper were soaked so than you blending being them to right away.
Now half of roll B-i you placed in the blender including water on it and then blended it until C was the oatmeal of consistency.

In Fouth step, you have another twist for this project. The other half of roll me blended this time by adding some of the glitters.

Step five when you have your blended paper than you should place
A-on the plan of work surface which is like 8.5×11.
B-in the top of the pan, you place one of the screens.
C-Than you should spread your paper which is we blended into the top screen. Your paper looks like good but I apologize that my paper was look food of dog.

Step six in the top of paper which is we blended lay down a wax paper sheet. Then roll it using a rolling pin. This process will squeeze the water to out of blended paper. You collect this water into the pan which is in under the screen.

Step seven after squeezing a lot of water out to the blended paper than
A-Sprinkle your seeds by lay down the blended paper into a towel.
B-Now you law down on the top another sheet into the paper of wax.
C-Than press your seeds using rolling for squeeze out water more.

In step eight you should dry your seeded paper once again placing into a screen.

The final step after your paper is dry then tear this paper by cutting into bookmarks.

You also using cutters of cookie to cut the paper into your desired shape as gift or party of favor to punching it or using a different type of ribbon on it.

One special cut trick I will give you that you cut it into the shape of a heart and gift it to your beloved one on valentine’s day.
I also post the whole project video for your better guide I hope this helps you a lot.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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