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Closet Bifold Door Makeover – Closet Door Makeovers

My Doors of the master bedroom was very closet and was stain wood of an old oak.All around of this door was looking very cheap.In Last winter I will paint this door to all our the trim white and also in last year I just kept closet to the doors off.So this time I decided that improve this door to the master bedroom space which brings an amazing style of classy.This whole process complete in only ten hours and it will cost only $20.There is no difficulty in making this project.

Materials used for this project:

  • Frogtape

  • Knobs of glass

  • 1″ wide and 8′ long strips of wood

  • Door paint of black semi gloss

  • Glue of wood

  • Brad of nailer&nails

First of all, you remove your doors closet and hardware.

In Step Two you used frog tape to the door for a tape of geometric design and then planned to the wood strips.You can use any of your desire styles but I give my door to the modern style so that it looking paneling.In my case, I use eight strips of wood which is I found in my home trim department of improvement store.

In the third step, I cut it with my desired size and attached it by using a brad nailer and wood glue.Now you can paint your door with any of your desire paint but I use black paint completely to my whole door and then wait for dry the paint.

This is optional if you want than you do it otherwise it’s not necessary.I change my hardware door to a classy looking knobs of glass.

Now at the end I hanging my doors and I love it the master way of my closet now looking very good.The strips of wood give an amazing style and dimension to my doors.
The new way of my doors closet goes very well with our black doors and white doors throughout to our house.It is also matched with our dresser of black which is I faux to a bar of metal handles which you can see in the above image.

Thanks a lot for being here I also post my whole project making a video which helps you a lot.If you have any problem or any conclusion so feel free to ask me anything in the comment box below.

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