12 Cool Ideas For New Year Tree 2021


From year to year we plan to change something, decorate our room for the New Year 2021 in a different way, in a special way, we are trying to come up with something new. But we either get an old tree or buy a real live one on the market and decorate it with old annoying toys and lights.

We urgently need to change something! We bring you 12 great Christmas tree ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment and your life will be a little better!

Christmas tree soaring in zero gravity

Creative Christmas trees from branches

Christmas trees made from wine corks with his own hands

Christmas tree garland on the wall

An alternative simple idea: a painted Christmas tree on a pallet or a decorated poster on the wall.

Book options for Christmas trees for the New Year 2021, layout books in a pyramid or use a rack.

Roots, branches, and driftwood will help you build such wonderful Christmas trees.

Cardboard or paper trees are a cool and simple option!

An interesting idea to make a beautiful Christmas tree in the form of a lady’s dress

Creative Christmas tree made of bottles

New Year’s beauty “upside-down” 🙂

It’s a great idea to make a Christmas tree right on the wall from sticks and ropes.

Happy New Year 2021 and Merry Christmas!


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