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6 Unique Diaper DIY Displays That Aren’t Cakes

In the past few month, I make many of DIY diaper display to put together for decorating an amazing baby shower for multiple-way!All of this unique diaper DIY display is not cake.This whole project you complete only in two hours and all of this cost only thirty dollars or this is very easy to make with fun.

Materials I used for making this project:

  • Hot Glue

  • Tisue paper

  • Shoe boxes

  • 36″ Wood Dowels

  • 6″ Square box

  • Ribbon

  • Vase

  • 12-15″ Large  paper lantern

  • Girl headbands

  • Bows

  • Scrapbook paper

The first project is very simple to make a bouquet using diapers.
In step one, you get diapers and then roll this diapers after rolling diaper, you stick it into shish wood skewers kabob.After that using four foam block or styrofoam of ball to vase with a stick into skewers.Then put this pitcher into baby footprints and handprints that I use but you clear the vase and after clear it fills the vase with a gift or any items of the baby.In the last step, I embellish to the pink color of tissue it’s my choice but you use any color of tissue which you like.

The Second project of diaper display stroller style of the bassinet.First of all get two boxes of shoes and one box cut to the top in the proportion of shorter.After that using some wrapping color paper you cover the boxes.Now the same color of wrapping paper diaper you roll around the boxes and tight(secure) it by using the hot glue only in wrapping paper by dabbing.

Now open three to four diaper and in the top hood of bassinet spread this diaper.Than again roll four diapers using the same color of wrapping paper and secure them using a band of rubber to make it like wheels.We have done this project but you embellish it to your desire to fill up this shoe boxes with your desire to more diapers and gift it to any of your beloved one baby mom.

The third DIY diaper display was so amazing and cute.First of all, using a paper lantern which is 12″ wide and make hot air balloon for this paper lantern.Now 30″ length cut the dowels and then 6″ sized box of a square shape to make a corner by hot glue them.Then fill the box with the gift or anything you want to gift or diaper gift.

Now box of 6″ square all around roll diapers and then secure it.Than using ribbon strips to paper lantern by wrapping wire to embellish Paper lantern.Fit the paper lantern over the squeeze dowels together.In the final step, you decorate it with any of your wishes but I use ribbon to be a sign.

In our Fourth DIY diapers display which is the easiest one.We make diapers cupcakes instead of making a diaper cake.First of all, open the diapers which you want to make cupcake than in the half-wise width fold them.Then roll all of your diapers and to the direction which is shown above image.Now the bottom of the diapers secures using a rubber band.Then in the middle pull slightly that for looking swirl like frosting.

Than get a colored paper of scrapbook and cut it into strips and then staple it to circle look like a cup of the paper cupcake.In each cup put a diaper of rolled, the bottom is hiding by rubber and then embellish it with your own wish which you want.

Now we turn over the fifth project this is especially for that mom whose expecting girl than you make an amazing diaper dress for his darling.This construction also starts with making like a cake.First of all, using frying pan roll diapers into a circle and then in the middle put toilet paper.These large rolls secure by rubber bands.stuffing your diaper to the middle to making larger rolls and expand to circle.But if you want smaller rolls than you tight the rubber band me also do it.

Then make the various size of paper towel to tight and securing the center of the stack.Now use ribbon, rubber bands and material of stretchy to tight around the diapers to decorate rolls.When roll middle is tucked up with a strip of tissue papers and then it converts to the dress.Now you embellish this with your own wish but I use paper sticking for embellishing and it looks like accents of girly.

This is our last project but not least.This diapers display is special for a shower for the baby.Now cut the piece of cardboard with 13″ and 8 circumferences.It is you sure that cover of this is printer paper and white paper.There is more than secure and diapers to turn and it his about the ribbon.

Create a circle of diapers to edges to roll diapers.Now aligning the ribbon to the top of outer edges which is applying by hot glue.Then wrap some ribbon in diapers and make a criss-cross pattern to secure them.

Embellish with a bow of ribbon and then in the middle tuck presents.

I hope these all diaper DIY display you like and it inspires you so please don’t forgot to share with your and pin it.

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