Carpet Cushion DIY

In past many days in my mind for making something in carpet ideas and finally, i make it.I also thought about making some new craft idea is only best when you use your old object because using the old object is the best idea.When you use old object than that’s not expansive and if your project was unsuccessful then you do not sorrow for it.That’s very fun very cheap and easy.In only one day you can do it the same project only one day require for this whole project.That’s a very inexpensive project you can do it for only $

In above image, you see a large mandala cushion which is on the right in an image you can’t believe that the old cushion cover and after some process I wore it again.

Materials used for this project:

  • Cotton Yarn

In a first step for making carpet cushion, you need crocheted mandalas, carpet, and pillow.You also wondered about putting mandalas as same to me but that’s very easy.If you don’t have any planning than this step is difficult to you but if you have planning than you can do it very easy all process.

Second step: Cut your carpet to the size of the pillow and fold it.I forget about taking this step pictures when I sewing my pillow you can do it that’s very easy it’s not difficult for you.
Using this same idea you can sew your bag and pillow for pocket in thick yarn.
In my project, the cotton and nodes which is a mat with hand sewing.I also sewed in my project for crocheted flowers you can sew any of your desired flowers.

You do like this if you doing same as my project.

or for further like this.

we finished our whole project if you have any confusion so ask me in the comment section below.

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