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Top 10 Most Important Tips for Framing Out Mirrors

Here is a list of our some really helpful tips for successfully frame out your builder-grade mirrors. This whole project was very easy not difficult. You can make this whole project in only two days and it will cost only Twenty dollars.

Since last many days, I have seen many posts for how to mirrors frame out so I start making this I try again and again until I have successfully accomplished this very simple update. I also failed and failed during my project making but I do not lose our hope.
Here are some of the most important tips for you if you try to first time for making this whole project. These all tips help you a lot.

Materials used for this project:

  • Molding.

  • Chalk.

  • Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set.

  • Liquid Nails.

Step One

In this step, you can use your tools of right. This two tools speed square and miter box are most important for making this project. This tool helps a lot in this project making without this tools you can complete your project but it not easy without using these tools. These both tools are very cheeped the worth of these two tools are like a penny.

Now using inch tape you measure the whole length and width of your wall mirror.
In my case, I am using a full-length large mirror to my closet and the above two mirror for vanities of a bathroom. Which am I would like to do my frame?

If you do not have to mold in your home so you can purchase it for a compliment or you have mold in your home so when you use it and you also choose some different which is you like.

Step Two

If you want to save your time so you can purchase the molding of prepainted.Which is cost little more but it saves a lot of your paint and time.

Step Three

Now you can frame out your mirror by drawing a picture.
This picture looks like a silly but it is always stumped to me. Which is the way to make these cut? At the end of these, you would be surprised how much your molding is waste during you cutting your molding in the wrong way.

Step Four

The back side of this flat is very easy to mark. So you measure the back side of your molding and marked it to back.

Step Five

After your measurement of molding to back with the help of square now, you draw a straight line from top to bottom to the width of your molding.
The molding edge of the outside is very thicker part.

Step six

Now you use your drawing which is guided by you, then place your ruler of diagonal to the square of speed in the top of the line which is the thicker part. Then make a line of diagonal which is you cut as you need it then refer it to your drawing.

Step Seven

Than placing down your molding to the front side because you are cutting back side of your molding. This whole process gives us less splintering.

Sten Eight

Now place the edge of the outside or thicker side which is the side of the miter box. Then put a diagonal line to miter box for cutting guides. Place your molding hold by using black pins. Then cut your molding and sand it to the edges of the cut.

After cutting your all piece of molding than to the back side of molding you apply nails of liquid.

Step Nine

You do not apply nails of liquid to the middle of your molding you also apply it to the back of bottom and top.

Pieces of mirror you stick directly to your molding.
Than Remove liquid nails to any place on the wall and mirror which is oozed on it.
Now using tape of painter’s you can hold your molding to place it for dry and especially use it to all corners.
Wait for the next 24 hours until the dry completely.

Remove your all tape of painter’s after you molding is completely dried.
Corner joint by using chalk. Then you remove the excess of chalk using a towel or paper.
Now touch up the cuts of mitered by paints.

Step Ten

If you like it when you use a Q-tip of dipped by paint for a few touch-ups.

Here are our project images which are with before full-length mirror and after full-length mirror.

Here is another our at the bottom and before top vanity of our only one mirror.
I hope to say that ow you can easily success by updating your mirror around your first time try.

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