How To Sew A Textile Box Made Of Fabric


In this simple way, you can make a comfortable and durable fabric box, which will be good to keep the shape.

How To Sew A Textile Box Made Of Fabric
Simple template + simple manufacturing principle = comfortable fabric boxes. Strength gives them a thin dense felt added between the layers of fabric.
Having made several boxes, you can use it to organize needlework supplies, clothes, little things, and so on.


  • Paper, ruler and pencil or printer, paper scissors for the template;
  • 2 types of fabric, for the outer and inner sides of the box;
  • Thin dense felt / felt for laying
  • Chalk or marker for tissue
  • Scissors for fabric
  • Tailor pins
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Iron and ironing board;
  • If desired – a print for decoration


How To Sew A Textile Box Made Of Fabric

Make a template for the box.
A = B (height of the walls of the box).
For a square box, C = 2 x D (width and length of the box).
For a rectangular box, select the desired ratio of length to width.
0.5 cm allowances on each side are best taken into account immediately in the template.


Textile Box Made Of Fabric

Cut 3 identical parts for each box: 1 from fabric for the outside, 1 from fabric for the inside, 1 from felt.
Fold the details: the felt part, the outside detail face up, the inside detail upside down.


Chip all the layers with pins and lay the stitch by stitching them. Leave 0.5 cm from the edges. Leave a hole for turning out.


How To Sew A Textile Box Made Of Fabric

Cut off the outer corners, and in the inside, make notches.


Turn the workpiece out, straighten the corners well, iron it. Stitch the eversion hole or sew it in manually with a blind seam.
Transfer the drawing to the central part of the inner side of the workpiece.


Now you need to fold and stitch the walls of the box. Perhaps these lines will have to be performed slowly. At the beginning and end, make tacking. Cut the strings – done.


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