DIY JOY Holiday Wreath – Christmas DIY


Hello!Crafter JOY is a word that everybody like in season of holidays.So today I make DIY JOY holiday wreath to do your holiday best.Many of people use the joy world only for Christmas but I think it was carried on us for the whole year and it’s a special time of joy at the end of the year.This is not only joy for yourself in this time everyone was in joy situation.The holiday season is also a very tuff and hard time for many of people all around the world.The book name “Wonder” I read a Quote on this book about the hard time of the holiday season people the Quote is this”Be kinder than is necessary. Because it’s not enough to be kind. One should be kinder than needed” So if we do little help other in the holiday than it will help a lot to the other it’s also a surprise on hard time people and its also gave us same joy in the holiday season.So now I start making my project step by step I also post the whole project video at the end of this article.This video helps you for making this project easy.


DIY JOY Holiday Wreath - Christmas DIY (6)

Materials used for this project:

DIY JOY Holiday Wreath - Christmas DIY

Step One: Paint the all of your letters if you want to paint your letter with any of your desired paint.You can use any color of paint but I use the bright red to paint my wreath because my letter was white color so I paint it.

Step Two: Now you attach your letter it depends on you which type of wreath you choose to create.Using faux pine wreath you can attach the bending wire of wreath to the wrapping around the letter.It’s optional with the help of drill make a hole in the top of Y and bottom of J and then attach the wreath using twine.

DIY JOY Holiday Wreath - Christmas DIY (6)

Step Three: Using faux flower, ribbon and other your wish/desired decoration material you can decorate the wreath.If you want to show the wreath to your front door than with the help of wreath door hanger you can show it to your front door.

so that’s all we finished it and in the below, i post the whole process video for your help.thaks


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