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Farmhouse Style Home Sign

In this inspired farmhouse style home sign project by using mache letter of paper we will transform into a faux letter of rusty metal with a very tiny amount of ingredients. This whole project of Farmhouse Style Home Sign was not costly it will complete in only 15 Dollar and it takes only thirty minutes.

Step one: You select any word or name which would you like to sign you also buy this letters from the selected craft store of local and after buying you cut your board pine to fit it behind them. I will choose 8 inches of paper mache letter in a store of hobby lobby. You will need this following material on your board before starting. Letter & board paint cinnamon, Silver spray, Hot glue gun and in the last stain is any color which color you choose to hot glue.

Step Two: First of all you to want is wood board the stain, which is the main base of your sign. Then you get car wash sponge and water base stain of Minwax. It was my advice to you and also me highly recommended you to use sponge and water base stain because they all are work very well and it also has no-mess application. Now you just little of sponge into stain than apply it rubbly to the direction of week grain. You make sure to cover the stained top of a surface as well it cover the edges than wipe off it excess. Now, wait for dry it.

Step Three: Using silver spray paint spray it to your mache letters. This process has not required any perfection because we are doing a look of aged. You also make sure it to get some of letters sides and top surface to your farmhouse style home sign.

Step Four: In kitchen grab our some of secret method of cinnamon by faux rest and sprinkle into on spray paint of wet.

Continue to developing you desired rusty look by cinnamon and spray paint layering.AT the end once you get your desired perfect mix than allow it to dry.

Step Five: Now in your sign base wood adhere letter by using a hot glue gun to your favorite adhesive.

We finish our project. Now enjoy your new farmhouse style home sign that will inspire you to create this sign.

We also want some help to you DIY, So some of the important material which is used in this project is a direct link to their seller.DIY Hometalk may collect some of the small shares of this sale from this link to a page.

Suggested Used materials for this whole project:

Farmhouse Style Home Sign:


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