DIY Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree


Hello Crafter!Today we make DIY pipe cleaner christmas tree which is very easy and very cheap and you can make this pipe christmas tree only in one hour.The cost of making this project only $8.The difficulty of this project is easy.Christmas tree of pipe cleaner is not only for kids!you can use it with the help of sweet fuzzy sticks and then it looks like a white tree of the chic little or it’s a pretty and perfect to Christmas.When I clean my craft room recently than I found a bag with some of the white pipe cleans, wooden square block, and a dowel rod.So then I decided to make a tree for Christmas which is me planing in past.That’s the main purpose so that I cleaning my old craft supplies.At the end, me found it before I bought some material for my project.You know we all living in the craft lives at the same point.Now we start our project for making christmas tree.

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Materials used for this project:

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Here is a list of all material which is I use in for making the whole project of DIY pipe cleaner Christmas tree.When i finished to make tree than i add some ornaments to look some pop color.I also attach the image of my whole material which is better help for your guidance of material.

  • Wooden Square Block

  • Dowel Rod

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • pipe cleaners

  • Paint Brush

  • Scissors

  • White Acrylic Paint


  • Jewelry Eye Pins

  • Small Red Pom Poms

  • Pilers

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Step One: First of all in the center of your block you can drill a hole and then cut your rod of dowel to the center.

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Step Two: Now you can paint your dowel rod and block to any of your desire paint in my case I use white paint.After paint now you wait 5 to ten minute for dry the paint once the paint is dry then you put your dowel rod into the blockhole.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree (5)

Step Three: In the bottom of the dowel rod you add some hot glue and now you start wrapping pipe cleaner in the bottom around them.After that now you fold some of the pipe cleaners to the half and twist them around to the rod.When you twist it then you push down the pipe cleaner to the bottom of the rod.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree (7)

Step Four: Now Continue to adding the pipe cleaner into the rod until the rod is full.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree (8)

Step Five: When your rod is full of pipe cleaner than you press your pipe cleaner to looks it flat.Now you trim the pipe cleaner to Christmas tree shape using the scissors.Smallest pipe cleaner to the top and longest pipe cleaner to the bottom.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree (9)

Step Six: Now fluff the pipe cleaner to arrange them and then fill it with your own desired shape of the tree and decorate it with your wish.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree (1)

That’s all we finished it and that’s was an amazing decoration piece of your home to look the beautiful your holidays.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree (10)

I hope that’s great for your holiday and Christmas tree decoration you like it.If you have any problem so ask me in the comment section below I will respond you soon as soon possible to your problem.Thanks for being here or merry Christmas.


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