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DIY White Christmas Mason Jar Luminaries

Hello Crafters!It’s time for Christmas decoration.So today we make DIY white Christmas mason jars luminaries this all project was very easy or cheap and pretty for Christmas luminaries of mason jars.To make this project you will need only one hour and this whole project was you complete only in ten dollars of cost.

In the below image you can see this mason jars luminaries is very easy.First of all for making this luminaries you have all the material in your hand for start the project of mason jars luminaries.

Here is the list of all the material which is used in this project Silver glass paint, mason jars, ribbon, mod podge, foam brushes, tea light, salt, and stencil.All the material image is given in above.

First of all before starting your project here is one step which is optional you can do if your desire if you do this step that’s, will do snowflakes or do pretty touch.

Step One: Cut a piece of a stencil with your own desire style and shape.This stencil looks like a kind of sticker.When you use it you remove it from the back of the paper.Now you can ready your desire color paint or dauber.Then in the stencil, you can place your stencil sticker on the jars and you are sure that stencil is completely smooth it and laying flat.
Step Two: You can use any of your desire paint for stencil your jars but I use Martha Stewart glass paint to snowflakes stencil for the stencil my jars.Now you dab some of the paint to the entire of your stencil and wait for five to ten minute to dry the completely your paint when your paint is dried than remove your stencil that was very easy and give you an amazing or pretty look.

Step Three: When my paint dried than I use mod podge to coated my mason jars.After coating my mason Jason than I sprinkle the salt to my jar.You can use any of your desire salt but I use in the project is regular table salt in the mason jar.Tip: I made these project a week ago for because the salt gives little time to opaque to exposed on the air.So if you are doing fast for making this project for holiday party or some event so do not do this for best result in short time.

Step Four:You are sure that the sticks of salt is right to mod podge.When it is all right than it look amazing and pretty.

Step Five: In the top of the ar using ribbon you can tie it and put some of the tea light candles into the jar and lit your candle.

You also love with it how they turned out when you lit the candle.

Thats looks an amazing centerpiece to the table of holiday or any of event or party decoration and also best for winter wedding ceremony decoration.You can also gift it to any of your beloved one to the holiday party and christmas celebration.I hope you like this amazing DIY and give your feedback in comment section below or if you have any of problem you can also ask me your problem i will answer your problem soon as soon possible.Thanks

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